Protective Coatings For Aggressive Environments

Envirocoat is the perfect partner when it comes to protecting a building or any technical installation from corrosion and aggressive environments. In this field, we have decades of experiences and can offer products which are licensed internationally and are certified according to Occupational Health & Safety Standards. We specialise in applying coatings to the food processing industry.


The experience of Envirocoat in this field is available in 4 product areas, each tailored to a specific aspect of protecting buildings and installations:

  • Tank Linings
  • Wall Coatings
  • Floor Coatings
  • Steel-work Protection


If you are engaged in protecting factory and technical installations from environmental elements and are interested in advice or a site visit, then contact Morgan Nix at: 087-2618650 or email: info@envirocoat.ie

  • High Tech Paint Systems
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Heavy Duty Floor Coatings
  • Sand & Shot Blasting

It is becoming much more vital to plan in advance the type of coatings to be used for the protection of these areas. To benefit from the advances made in paint technology, preparation and application standards are of vital importance. We have the experience and equipment to achieve these high standards. We have found over the years that to gain full advantage of the ever-increasing technology in Paint Systems it is vital to have a Planned Program Management System in force in all such contracts. This takes into account such items as suitability of materials, verifiable standards of preparation and the attainment and monitoring of the correct environmental conditions during application. To carry out such contracts we have all the necessary experience, equipment and skilled personnel. By using a firm such as Envirocoat you have all the advantages of working with one contractor right through from planning, specification, application to completion of project.